Embracing Faith and Community: Our Medical Journey Continues at Johns Hopkins

Embracing Faith and Community: Our Medical Journey Continues at Johns Hopkins

Hey everyone! Now that summer is winding down I wanted to give you an update on our trip to Baltimore and fill you in on the things happening along our journey. I'll also share a moments from life's ups and downs.

Firstly I want to express just how grateful our family is for the support we've received from our community. To all those who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers – your faith has been a rock for us. The overwhelming emotional and financial assistance we've received has helped us navigate through expenses, travel costs and everyday challenges. This experience has truly highlighted the power of community showing that even those who are usually giving sometimes need to receive. Your love and support have provided us with a safety net that words can't adequately express.

A couple of weeks ago we had a consultation at the Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Center regarding my surgery. We met with a doctor who not specializes in breast cancer surgery but is also renowned for their research on rare sarcomas, like Phyllodes Tumors – which happens to be the type I was diagnosed with seven years ago. During our meeting we discussed the course of action moving forward and most importantly felt genuinely heard.

We now have a surgery date scheduled for August 22nd in Baltimore.
Fortunately the procedure won't be as invasive as we initially thought. It involves a mastectomy to address both a tumor, in my breast and some tissue concerns in both breasts. The surgery should take three hours. They'll be placing wires in both breasts. Thankfully the recovery process is expected to be smoother compared to a mastectomy. After the surgery we plan to stay in Baltimore for operative care and return for follow up consultations with my oncology team after two weeks. Our doctor is quite optimistic about the success of this procedure and the potential for monitoring

Emotionally it has been tough since I've had seven years without any health scares. Now there's a chance that these new areas of concern might present malignancies that could be a type of cancer than what I've faced before. While my previous tumor was rare with treatment options many breast cancers offer opportunities for treatment.

During this time we're relying on our faith and community for strength. After our appointment we felt. Comforted, firmly believing that God has a plan, for us. We've witnessed Gods guidance and support at every step of this journey.

Challenges, uncertainties and worries are a part of life. Our faith remains strong. We have experienced both happiness and sadness along our journey. Through it all we have witnessed events. Like the birth of our baby, Titus. We trust in Gods power to heal and transform even if His ways are different, from what we anticipate.

Although our path ahead is still uncertain we hold onto His promises with hope. The support and prayers from our community have been a source of strength for us. Your love and prayers serve as a guiding light in our lives. We kindly ask you to continue standing beside us in prayer as we move gratitude to each one of you. Your presence in our lives is truly a blessing, beyond measure.